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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire others to open up their awareness to the Greater Reality, where unlimited and true knowledge and wisdom is readily available.
Our vision is that once people become aware of this knowledge and wisdom - which is connected to the unconscious - and know how to use it, the world will become a better place for all of humanity.

Heather Clewett
Heather Clewett

It is said: “If you don't choose your own destiny, one will be appointed to you”. Let us help you to make the right choice.

SMS Press

Heart and Mind expanding books

Nothing is more inspiring than to be outside in nature, sitting around a fire under a starry night, and listen to what the local shaman or wisdom keeper has to share.
Reading a book on the couch in front of the fire place comes as a good second.

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How does SMS Press operate

Storytelling has always been the number one way to pass on what has been learned and observed. In prehistoric times the stories were told by means of rock drawings and petroglyphs. In later days the stories were told around sacred fires. Nowadays we use, besides (camp)fires, a multitude of different modalities to pass on wisdom and knowledge, books being one of them.

The Storytelling
The Story writing
The Story publishing
The Story reading

You do the Storytelling and writing, we do the Story publishing and we all do the Story reading.

Organizing Principle

There are No Coincidences

‘the Organizing Principle – There are No Coincidences’, describes a principle that determines everything that is happening to us and around us, and the language it uses for this. Since this ‘Organizing Principle’ is not held by cause and effect, nor limited by time and space, its operation is often perceived as curious coincidences, synchronicities and even as pure miracles
The workings of the Organizing Principle is closely connected to the collective unconscious as defined by Carl Gustav Jung and even though it regulates many aspects of our life, we can collaborate with the Organizing Principle and employ it in our favour. The more you become aware of this, the better you can participate and anticipate. Time, space and place are hereby not decisive factors. Your memory can work forward in time, showing itself as clear cases of premonition and precognition, and giving you the ability of remote viewing, while your influence can also work backward in time. You can even, as quantum physics confirms, change the past. Or know your future.
It is all in your hands. You can choose to remain passive and see what comes your way, or you can become active and take initiative.
The choice is yours...

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Hunting Tesla

The hunt for Nikola Tesla's secret of free energy

Hunting Tesla is an intriguing and mind-teasing action thriller that follows the journey of Dr. Ir. Hans Nieuwdorp, an introverted Dutch physicist, who becomes entangled in a perilous quest for the secret of Nikola Tesla’s enigmatic free energy.
In the face of formidable opposition from various energy moguls and secret services such as the Dutch AIVD, the Russian FSB and the Chinese MSS, among others, Nieuwdorp must fight for his life to uncover Tesla’s well kept secret and make it available to the world.
This gripping and captivating story about the dark sides and shadowy realms of greed and lust for power in battle with the unsuspected forces that lie hidden in equality and cooperation, asks the all-important question of whether humanity is really ready for such a miraculous gift as free energy.

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Watch - A - Book

SMS Press is producing short videos in which some of our books are explained by the author.

Within this series Bert Janssen will explain his book ‘the Organizing Principle’ in 22 short videos. Every new episode dives deeper into the rabbit hole of the mysteries hiding in and around our consensual reality. What starts as a seemingly innocent adventure becomes bit by bit a chronicle uncovering an Organizing Principle that uses shapes and geometries in order to communicate and that allows us to ‘talk back’.
Please keep coming back for new exciting episodes.

- Storytelling becomes real, when the Story is really told -